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Designing Multiplayer Flight for Librelancer

2022-06-17 23:00:00 +0930

One of the things that has kept the community around Freelancer going for as long as it has is the ability for players to explore the open world of Sirius with their friends in multiplayer. Replicating this functionality is crucial to having a faithful recreation of the engine.

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Porting to .NET Core

2020-01-30 18:00:00 +1030

Those of you following the git commits or the Discord will have noticed a series of commits related to a .NET Core 3.1 port of Librelancer. This port is now functional and is available to download in the daily section for regression testing.

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New Website

2020-01-05 11:10:00 +1030

Hello all!

In the spirit of new year, new me, I’ve given Librelancer a new shiny website (if you haven’t already noticed). This new site is based off the same Jekyll static website generator used at github-pages, but with a bit of extra code and custom plugins behind the scenes.

Check out Jekyll at their website

Here’s to a productive 2020 for all of us!

~ Callum